I’ve used both Android and iOS. I think both OSes have their pros, their cons, and fanbois who need to get a life.

Via Apple

I tried watching this year’s WWDC conference, and I got some thoughts:

  • Yes, Apple keeps copying from Google, but you have to understand something. Under Steve Jobs,and continuing under the heavy-handed tactics of Jony Ives till he left, the company was very slow to adopt new technologies. Now that pretty much the old guard is gone, Apple can finally bring more features to iOS and iPadOS and make them more like actual smartphones.
  • This is supposed to be a developers conference, not a hardware release event. This is to talk to the app and software development community, about new features that comes to the software side of the platform.
    Tech news: Why no new hardware?
    Apple: This event is about the software.
    Tech news: But why not?
    Apple: It’s for the developers.
    Tech news: This is stupid, no hardware releases.
  • iOS is a mature platform now. Long gone are the days of must-have features that people couldn’t wait for, the times when it was the “Wild West” of the early smartphone era. Nothing we can’t live without. Many things that are demonstrated or keynoted are now more under-the-hood updates.

The one thing I have to say to Android users who keep shitposting how Google services are on iPhone, but Apple services still don’t come to Android: If you really want to have Apple services, buy a goddamn iPhone. Apple, as a company, can choose however they want to with distributing their software. If they want to keep it tied specifically to their hardware, they have that choice.

But about the new digital ID section they’ll be including with Wallet, regarding trans people? If you’re transsexual, you’ll be doing what you can to legally change your name, so it’s reflected on your IDs. If you’re “trans” and think this is obsurd, don’t complain about the benefits we earned but you aren’t willing to work and pay for.

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