My tech setup for years was simple. I had an iPhone SE for my mobile connections, and an iPad for my more general computing needs. When IOS 13 came out as iPad OS, it made my iPad even more powerful and capable. My iPhone did its job—calls, texts, some social media, quick browsing…I did not need a phone to do much other than this basics. While I love my tech, I kept to the basics.

Well…one day I was using the flashlight function on my iPhone to look for my old cat, and my hand tremored, causing me to drop her. Into some mud. I tried cleaning out the lightning port…and I broke a pin, causing her unable to charge. The Apple site said an out-of-warranty repair was a fucking $270. I bought her a while ago, used, at $200 (factoring in shipping), so it wasn’t worth the fix, and with guarenteed support ending in the next few months, I decided to upgrade.

After paying on time for over 12 months, my local T-Mobile said I qualified with a $0 down upgrade. I looked at the iPhone 8 (the small one; was looking for a small, pocketable phone, and needed one urgently, so ordering a used SE online was out), but the sales clerk got me to go with the iPhone 11. That beast was huge for my small, stocky hands. And iOS…does not work well on larger, 6″ screens. That notch was distracting when I did watch the occasional video on her, whether zooming in, or watching videos that had a 18:9 ratio.

My local Best Buy had a sale going on about a month ago, and I decided to look at Android phones. (I had Androids before, I loved them; I had an iPhone up to this, though, due to the “unwritten rule” that being a barista at Starbucks pretty much dictated owning one if you wanted in on the work group chats.) I’ve owned LG, OnePlus, Google. I hadn’t owned a Samsung since the S3 and didn’t really consider getting one… Until…

Only this guy told me how much Samsung’s skin cleaned up, about DeX, and how Samsung Pay could even be used at old credit card terminals that didn’t take contactless payments (a biggie, as living in a small town you don’t have many stores equipped with the latest POS systems). I tried the S8…returned it because it didn’t have stereo sound. Decided to get an s10e because…the phone was less than year old and had a damn good sale going on, new and unlocked. I’ll get at least several years worth of security updates. (Samsung packs in so many features compared to stock Android, OS flavours aren’t as much an issue as making sure security updates are.) My iPad..became store credit to buy accessories I’d need for my s10e.

Samsung DeX is fucking amazing. My phone finally accomplishes my one wish: a phone that literally doubles as my computer. Now, while with 6GB of RAM can’t do heavy-hitter stuff like Photoshop or video editing, it can do everything else I need: email, browsing, social media, blogging, decent video chatting (I can still use my phone while in DeX mode), watch movies in full screen if I hooked up my phone to a TV. I can take calls and interact with text messaging in real time, not something you really see outside the expensive Apple ecosystem. Now, if I wanted to, I could pair my phone with a mobile touchscreen monitor and keep a true, touch-based experience, but I ain’t spending that kind of money on a monitor right now.

Src: Used w/o permission, but for non-commercial purposes only. This image shows one Samsung’s Note phones, while I have an s10e, but same exact experience.

The one downside is that my HDMI converter, while allowing for power input, doesn’t allow enough charge through to prevent battery drainage while using my desktop setup. I can get by with maybe a full workday’s usage, and then after a half hour on quick charge regain a good percentage of battery power back to further continue if necessary.

Samsung really needs to advertise DeX. The business they’d get from mobile and telecommuting clients!!!

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