My blog used to be hosted on, but I have since started hosting myself. If I paid $3k for a domain, why not self-host as well?

Same address, same blog. Just choosing to run it myself.

I have always been tech-savvy, or at least tech-literate, than average. I like a good challenge. Instead of paying $96/year for a hosting package that limits my complete ability to how I want to run my blog at an affordable price without profiting from it, I paid the same for a 3-year hosting plan elsewhere. (Importantly, I don’t want to pay to avoid ads on my site; I should be paying to add ads to my site.) All kinds of other benefits I want, but that’s not to say running a blog on, Blogger,or another free service isn’t bad. I’m just willing to deal with the costs of hosting myself, rather than pay another to host my site for me.

Eventually I want to use this domain and hosting plan to construct other online projects, which my previous plan wouldn’t have allowed me to. Use my own shortlinks on social media. Run my own plugins. Host my own videos instead of relying on YouTube. Try plugins or other web tech. All kinds of ideas, many that may not come to fruit, but at least I am able to now.

Some of the themes I previously had access to I no longer do, thus the new blog layout. I’m sticking with free, generic-looking themes for now till I find a paid theme I like to give my blog a more personalized look.

So right now if you see a hiccup or so, contact me, and I’ll work to get it fixed.

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