Why do hipsters refuse to mainstream stuff and try to look unmaterialistic when they will spend a fortune on stuff that either looks super-streamlined (like a Mac) or on vintage-looking stuff? I sweaar, they are people who move from trend to trend while claiming to be “outside of mainstream culture”.

If you want to be a real hipster and be truly unique and unmaterialistic: get a budget laptop with Linux on it. Go buy from a thrift store, not H&M. Skip the lattes and get drip coffee.

The one thing I hate about hipsters is because of their effing hypocrisies. Sweet Shiva, Lord of the Dance, why does such a crowd exist?

They rent a crummy, cramped studio apartment, but they’ll shell out an unthinkable amount of dough to maintain their hipster image. In fact, they’d rather tolerate a roach-ridden kitchen-bathroom-closet than not purchase that expensive hat from H&M.

— Anatomy of a Hipster #93.
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