A (Transsexual) Man’s Opinion on Abortion

I could’ve had an abortion over 14 years ago, but didn’t. My then ex-partner at first pressured me into getting one (we were dirt poor), until I complained to his grandmother and church, and boy did he change his tune in a heartbeat. At the time, I was pro-life, and didn’t think it was right for the fetus to suffer for our inability to wear protection and afford to raise a child. (He said he was “allergic” to latex—if any cis guy ever says that to you and refuses to buy condoms made from other materials, run. It is not up to just one partner to have to wear protection [mine insisted it was my burden because of his “allergy”], both need to wear it!)

All the talk surrounding the leak on the abortion case that came before the Supreme Court last week needs to change its language. The talk about this being a “women’s rights issue”—what about transsexual men who get raped or somehow get pregnant?It complicates what should be an honest, but simple conversation with our caregivers more complicated than it needs to be. Some men are the victims of “corrective rape”, and others are on HRT, which can hurt a fetus.

Another issue I have is when radical leftists say that “men should not be deciding women’s health”. Not only does it reek of the sexism above I just mentioned above, but it puts especially ostracises transsexual men like me. I am a man, transsexual, a trans man; these are three aspects of my journey and identity that are both exclusive and inclusive with each other. If these radicals carve out an exclusion for trans men to be able to voice our opinion because we have or had vaginas, I feel like they don’t see as real men. Yes, our biology is different, but after we transition we still live our lives as men. Both cissexual and transsexual menalso come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, so what makes us so different? Some are taller, some are darker, some are gay, some are left-handed, some grew up wealthy while others dirt-poor, some have severe disabilities and other health issues. So, to say that trans men have an “exception” because we have vaginas means you dismiss our transitions and our experiences as men, and still see us as “women” at some level—and what if a trans man, regardless if he had children or not, is pro-life? Is he still allowed to say something at the table?

What about trans women? With our current technology and medicine, no they are not able to bear children. But if abortion is a “woman’s right”, are they not allowed some say in the discussion? What if they prefer life, or are outright pro-life—then they shouldn’t say anything, despite the fact they live their lives as women? Or are you saying that because of their biology, they “prior experience as men”, they should have no say—because you deny their womanhood?

woman protesting for women s rights
The discussion around abortion leaves out trans and nonbinary individuals.

The problem with American politics is that politicizes everything, even our medical system. Abortion is a medical option, not a “right”, and should be left as such. Some people are raped, and cannot bear the thought or burden of carrying a fetus to term. Some fetuses carry significant defects. Some miscarriages get complicated, and the body cannot easily expel the fetus. Some pregnancies are ecotopic—the fetus fertilizes outside the uterus, and will cause major health complications to both the fetus and person carrying the fetus. Some people have too many children; some people are just too dirt poor to afford raising kids (regardless of sex or rape).

Saying abortion equates to murder because personhood, often because ”God said so”, also infringes on separation of church and state, while also prioritizing one religion (or faction of a religion) over the views of others. Some religions state personhood only starts at the first breath, so abortion isn’t murder. Some religions even do dictate reproductive rights, like the Satanic Temple and many heathen/pagan religions.

Insurances need to allow the option for young people to get vestectomies, hysterectomies, and tubal ligations at the age of 18, instead of somewhere in the mid-30s for someone with no children, if the insurance will even cover it as a form of birth control. We cannot reduce anyone to their ability of whether they reproduce or not—and some people adamantly know they don’t or even want children, because they know it’s just too damn expensive anymore.

For the states trying to make abortion illegal, I hope they raising their taxes. So that these kids have housing. That they have clothing. That they have access to food, schooling, medical services, daycare so their parent(s) can work. That they have access to scholarships if they come from poor and disadvantaged families. That they increase funds for adoption and foster agencies if for the people who gave birth unfortunately aren’t mentally sound enough to raise the kids because they were the result of rape. That if the children were born with such severe medical issues that a parent may have otherwise aborted because of the financial and daily burdens, that they can get the medical, social, educational care they need to thrive.

If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t get one. Your right to your opinion ends, though, when it infringes on the rights of others to their bodies. It’s a medical treatment, not an issue about rights and liberty. And will they come for same-sex marriage? Probably not.

And if you are that much in the ”pro-life” camp, put your money where your mouth is, and make sure your government representatives also raise taxes to accommodate all these kids. Because I sure in hell don’t want mine raised, because two kids couldn’t put a goddamn condom or, or because some “alpha” thought he could play around with a girl.