Resources Resources—Resources for transgender people who are struggling and people who want to learn about trans identities with an emphasis on media coverage of trans people.

Hudson’s FtM Guide—The most comprehensive guide for anyone masculine who was born female, from transitioning, to legal information, to surgery information. The website looks spare, but that’s because he wants even our brothers in low bandwidth areas to more easily access the site.—Legal resources for the trans community.—Call 1-866-488-7386, chat online confidentially with a counselor or text START to 678678. Available 24/7.

TransLifeline—Trans-specific suicide hotline for all ages. Call 877-565-8860 for support. *Note: If you look up this org, you may read some bad press detailing the arrest of two of their original founders for embezzling $350K from the org. The organization is in new hands, so ignore all the old bashing how they don’t help out. Read the new founders’ comments here.

TransBucket—Online resource to help trans people seeking to physically transition connect with surgeons and their patients.

Plume—Online medical service to help trans individuals medically transition. They can help you obtain HRT, write letters for surgery, write letters for name and gender changes, and connect with trans-friendly primary doctors and therapists.
***If you are experiencing a medical or mental health emergency, please call 911.*** — With nearly 400 chapters in cities around the US, PFLAG offers support groups for LGBTQ+ people and their families. Many chapters have both an LGBQ+ group and a trans-focused support group. Their website also provides information on how to start a new chapter if there is not one accessible to you.

College Scholarships for LGBTQ+ Students — List of scholarships offered specifically to LGBTQ+ students. Some are limited to certain parts of the country, while others are available nationwide.

Most Highly LGBTQ+-Affirming Colleges in the US, and Most Highly LGBTQ+-Affirming Colleges by state. Based on a study conducted by Campus Pride.

HRC’S Corporate Equality Index—Annual report that rates U.S. employers based on their demonstrated commitment to LGBT equality.