I got my quarterly labs back from when I visited my local lab on Friday, as part of my testosterone (hormone replacement / gender affirmative) therapy.

I am able to attend my local lab, thanks to Plume (not sponsored nor endorsed), rather than have to drive out of my way every three months to get my T levels and blood work checked.

I often get the question if I need to take testosterone (as cypionate, not enanthate) for the rest of my life. Yes, I need to. Since completing bottom surgery, my body no longer produces enough of either major sex hormone. Besides maintaining a masculinized body and healthy sex drive, I need testosterone, more importantly, for a variety of other health reasons: bone density, heart functions, muscle development.

I am getting low on my needles needed to draw out and inject myself each fortnight; I am financially secure enough to obtain gels or patches instead of taking injections. I hear using gel or patches could better moderate my mood disorder, but it would also be a hassle daily to remember to apply the stuff. (When a decision is made, I will post an update.)

Whenever I mention a health issue and the person knows I’m trans, they ponder if it might be because of the injections. I understand it’s out of ignorance (i.e. not knowing about HRT), but if heard enough it does get aggravating. Taking a xenohormone, especially one artificially made, is chemically the same thing my body would produce if it could; so it acts on my body the same way naturally-produced testosterone would on my body. This issue compounds as I live in a small-town, conservative area that, while not openly hostile towards me, isn’t too keen on me being out; thus, the comments probably occur more often than if I lived in a more progressive, inclusive area.

This is something I will have to take for the rest of my life. Most people dread thinking about having to take medications for chronic issues, but I will do what I must, to preserve and maintain my health.

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