I can apply for college again and not out myself.

I am anti-war. I think Selective Service and any form of drafting into the military violates bodily autonomy, personal liberty, gender equality, detracts from the economy, and amounts to slavery.

Conscription for transsexuals in the US is also fucked up. Transsexual women, regardless if they underwent a sex change or not, still have to sign up when they are 18. (For you AMABs who are ”non-binary” or refuse to undergo sex reassignment surgery, that’s your own damn fault if you get penalized.) Trans men are not legally required to, despite anyone’s opinion on whether they should if they come out and transition before the age of 26. Should a trans man who wants to apply for college or certain governmental jobs but doesn’t want to conscript or out themselves, there is an alternative—the SIL, or “Status Information Letter”. You can present the letter and not out yourself, or the very least constantly have to upload or mail out forms showing you had a sex change—it’s just one letter, and you’re covered.

Getting it takes time (usually about a month or so, longer with COVID). All you need is a letter from your doctor stating you’re receiving “proper treatment” (no, you don’t need to detail anything), and you should be good. Just mail a copy (not originals, they won’t mail anything back) of your birth certificate, photo ID, SS card, a letter from your doctor, any legal documentation if you changed your name and your documents aren’t all in the same name, and the form stating why you seek a SIL.

They will only mail one copy. I recommend you scan a copy to keep digitally available, and keep the original locked away with your other valuable documents.

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