Once upon a time a cis man and a cis woman more or less married to legalize their sex acts to pass on their genes to any progeny that may happen. Now it’s so much more, about bonding physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. The black-and-white platonic vs romantic has eroded. That’s why it’s so complicated, not just complex: we want to love and be loved, and the barriers that once dictated who we could and couldn’t bond with, with what we could and couldn’t do, have eroded.

Me, drunk, on Discord.

A discussion on demis, asexuality, and wondering what my sexual and romantic orientations are when I’m drunk because I often guard my thoughts on the subject. (Hint: I’m straight [ie attracted to women]; guys might look hot, but I see myself with women physically and romantically. The male physique, when stripped down, doesn’t do it for me.)

It sucks that I used to be attracted to Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, David Bisbal … and while I know they’re good-looking, they no longer turn me on.

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