I am very happy to hear that the US government now allows those folx who are non-binary to put ”X” as our gender marker.

Several months ago, I put in for my second passport renewal in the last five years, to update my second legal name change to reflect my real name, the one I always originally wanted to change to.

Montana does not allow my enby siblings to correct their IDs with a non-binary option, and our governor recently made it harder just to update with a binary option. I try to let them know about how they can now get passport cards to reflect their non-binary status—to be honest, I wish the world would let us just be people, and not require anything beyond our name, birth date, a photo of our face. They do not need to know our gender identity or other irrelevant information.

So, who’s up for a trip to Canada, or spend some vacation time in Mexico to avoid the harsh winter about to hit us?

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