Latino, Latina, Latinx
Words spewed around for kicks
Already hard to live when you’re a mix
Your identity, the subject of politics
Now your language, challenged with conflicts
From both progressive pricks and hardline hicks.

The left puts how you speak upon a crucifix,
Thinks grammatical gender, of ancient derelicts;
And the right thinks your language, your heritage should nix,
Try assimilation, stop with labels to affix!
But all these sides, I can see you’ve become sceptics,
Of both the bleeding heart jerks and retrogressive dicks.

White folks, our bags of tricks,
We think we know, but we’re just lunatics;
I know the pain that inflicts
When your identity (and language) are debated topics.
Be strong, be you, there’s nothing to fix,
And do your best to ignore the fricks.

3 thoughts on “Folx and Politix

    1. Depends on the circles one runs in. I know many Latinos from abroad; they think it’s white LGBTQ folks pushing an artificial construct upon them, and wish to still be called latino/latina. But I also know others who like and use the term latinx. It’s like with word “queer”; not everyone in the LGBTQ community uses, or even likes, it. Communities that have long never intermingled, we now have ideologies colliding. Who is right … maybe everybody, maybe nobody. It’s personal identity and group identity intersecting.

      Even the highly regarded Royal Spanish Academy—who is by no means the final authority on the Spanish language in most of Hispanophonic world, but its influence is highly respected—decries the use of latinx, but they are becoming more inclusive of more gender-neutral, inclusive terms like elle.

      Just like how I don’t care for conservatives still trying to call me “female” (being born AFAB), it wouldn’t be right to call someone latinx if they prefer to still be called latino/latina.

    2. Very true! It can be super alienating when people decide that their (relatively new) language choice is “right” and therefore everyone who doesn’t speak the same way is attacking them. Good points you make here!

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