Do a websearch of the term of “lezbro” on the big three search engines GoogleYahoo!, and Bing. What do you see? “Gaybro” somehow means a gay guy who’s into “traditional” guy stuff, like sports. However, “lezbro” is a false cognitive, it does not share a similar etymology or definition. A “lezbro”, by definition, is one of several terms that is the lesbian equivalent of the well-known “fag hag”, and not a lesbian or trans* who engages in frat boy behavior:

[A]s a [gay] woman, I see that this form of masculine privilege doesn’t just operate in the gay community. We too have our own “lezbros,” […] There’s a particular New York lesbian party that might be the natural habitat for the lezbro. The party features minimally clothed, hyperfeminine go-go dancers performing routines as a sea of women fist-pump and drool and throw dollar bills. There, many lesbians appropriate fratty personas, using pickup lines that might have originated in the mouths of men catcalling women on the street. Party culture itself shouldn’t be conflated with misogyny, yet I find it impossible not to call this display objectification, even though it’s at the hands of other women.

Reading the article, and from what I know from my friends, regardless of gender or sexuality, one thing is universal: we all objectify whom we’re to at one level or another. Gay men objectify one another. Lesbians sexualize each other, even if butch on butch or the lipstick variety (besides the more known butch-femme variety). We all know of men who objectify women. And straight women objectify men, too! I am as guilty of objectifying women as any other gynephile. I have no pride, nor do I have shame. People who dress in tight, revealing clothes to attract attention need to realize they will get it. However, these people need to realize that they can’t call it from who they’re trying attract as desired yet if from someone else as harrassment.

However, to all the straight ladies and femmes out there who deride frat boy behavior: you guys are just as guilty, even worse if I throw in with cries of hypocrisy. “Soft men” or another femme does not a more loyal partner make. And don’t deride how we butches have some form of male privilege. You femmes don’t get bashed for not “conforming” to your gender, and you femmes can at least hide your orientation. (Okay, I can get away with passing as a male, but I am lucky with that. Not all butches are.)

(Okay, out in the boondocks of farming country, because so many women dress masculine to better work in the fields, the cultural and sexual connotations do not stick as much.)

We all need to curtail our objectifying of others. I also wish the author would seriously edit the article, and use a different term than “lezbro” (maybe “frat boi“)?…and not use Kade, the victim, as a resource.

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