Normally I don’t participate in transgender-centered holidays. We focus too much on the dead, rather than the ones who keep working hard to not just survive, but thrive. We focus too much on the out and visible, or those in the closet. We focus too much on those who pass, or those who don’t. Transsexuals are nowhere to be found.

Just because someone might not like the fact some of us see ourselves as members of the opposite sex, that doesn’t give them a license to harass, assault, or kill us. “Trans panic”, like “gay panic”, is absolute bullshit. Nor should anyone be so bullied to the point to feel so worthless, that suicide seems like the only way out.

This past presidential term has been especially hard for transgenders, as the crimes against them keep rising.

Much of the backlash is because transgenders insist on being loud about their presence and visibility. Decades ago, transsexuals moved to the city to undergo a sex change, to live assimilated as members of the opposite sex. States allowed us to correct our paperwork when we finished. Or at the very least, we could obtain documents from the local court that we now lived as members of the opposite sex, so we could update our local ID, get a name change, and get local documents corrected, if we couldn’t from wherever we hailed from.

The transgender community might want to learn a thing or two from that. We can learn to live with the concept “agree to disagree”, but that does not mean it gives someone the right to harass, assault, or kill someone they disagree with.

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