Since 2015, my sex change therapy consisted of taking testosterone as an injection every two weeks. (In the US, we are usually testosterone cypionate, unlike the enanthate prescribed in much of the rest of the world. The main difference between the two, I think, is just the filler the testosterone is suspended in.)

As of today, I started taking a daily gel application.

A generic form of Androgel, instead of ~US$10/month, my treatment is now about ~US$100/month.

My mental health has been seriously regressing for the last few weeks. As I had to renew my prescription, I contacted my specialist and asked about taking gel instead. While many articles I was reading focused on how changes for trans men who start masculinizing therapy are slower compared to taking injections, having been on “T” for years now, that concern was no longer one for me.

My specialist confirmed that taking a daily application, instead of this, should be able to help stabilize my mood swings.

But dumbass me, instead of procrastinating like I often do (as in, taking the shot later in the day or the next day, I went every other Friday), I took it on time for once. My specialist said I had to now wait until it would be the time to take my next shot to start the new regimen. I should’ve started this upcoming Friday, but I wasn’t going to wait til my T levels were at their lowest, and have them rebuild slowly up.

Plus, taking a daily application mimics more the daily hormonal cycle of cisgender men.

So, here’s to hoping my mood swings stabilize.

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