It’s been 10 days since switching from a biweekly shot to a daily topical application for my testosterone therapy.

Unlike people who are researching HRT methods to begin transitioning, I was looking at changing up my routine as part of my post-op regimen, having had already medically transitioned, undergone my major surgeries, all that. I still think we need to return to therapist and doctors visits before even allowing transgenders, or anyone else wondering if they are, to so easily access HRT.

Maybe at this point it’s psychosomatic, but my mental health has drastically improved. I’m still feeling the effects of suffering from a mental health setback independent of my health issues, but my quality of life has improved. I have energy to perform daily and basic functions. I am able to catch myself when my mental state is whack, take a step back, and proact rather than poorly react.

I am not a hugger, even before the pandemic, so the fear of transferring testosterone to others is not a problem. I also layer my clothing, usually wearing a hoodie, so transferring through my thick clothing is also nil.

The biggest problem for me, instead of fear of transference, wass the strong smell; this issue could’ve affected my at work, as I am not allowed to wear strong ointments, but coworkers said they haven’t smelled anything as we got dressed into uniform.

I find it easier to put one pump into each hand to rub onto the shoulder or upper arm of the other side, than lather both pumps, lather, and applying.

Going from a $10/month per vial to a $50-$75/month per bottle (I use prescription coupons to cut the cost) is not a cost many within our community can endure, given how many of us are more likely in poverty compared to the general populace. Many of us suffer from anxiety, depression, other mental problems, and before going back to seeing a shrink about maybe taking something to treat my mental regression, I would rather try changing up how I take my testosterone first. Usually any kind of regimen takes about 3-4 weeks to build up in your body before seeing its effects, but because I started this new regimen before what my doctor suggested (I took it a week after my last shot, rather than waiting until my next shot was due to start using the gel), I am already seeing the effects after just 10 days.

Hopefully my situation changes soon, too, to improve my mental state. With a few different things going on, I’ll know by early next week what I will do to change course.

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