As the next chapter in the fight for marriage equality heats up

Sadly, people think that civil unions are a secular form entirely equal to marriage in all matters except name only. Nope. Marriage equality is more than just getting a piece of paper. It’s about being to marry the person whom I love, regardless of how their sex compares to mine. Love is about hearts, not parts.

  • You cannot say that marriage is a foundation to a family, which is then defined as a mother, a father, and their children. This is a slap in the face to singles raising kids, blended marriages, grandparents or other relatives raising kids, families of adoptions.
  • Marriage is not always about wanting or having kids. To say marriage is for procreation…what about infertile couples? Older people who are beyond the years of fertility? Should their marriages be null and void?
  • Saying civil unions are the same is false. Civil unions in most cases only give gay couples some rights that straight couples have, and they are still not federally or universally recognized.
  • Saying our love is unnatural ignores the 1500 other known species who practice sexuality (bats the most well-known and who have the highest percentage rate known to humans). Saying it is a choice is a slap not just gays and lesbians, but to people who are straight, too.
  • Saying people would take advantage and marry for reasons other than love…yea, it already happens, people who marry for money, for insurance or health reasons, for economic reasons. Friends of the opposite sex marry with no reasons of love but for economic or social necessity.
  • Comparing our affections to pedophilia and bestiality is unfounded. Our bonds are consensual, not predatory: animals can’t consent, and children are biologically and socially unready. (And you can’t groom them or say that society needs to “change” to mature kids faster, as in the Middle East where children are still married early they are shown to be unprepared to marry, procreate, or bond as such so early in life.)

Marriage equality is just the starting point. Yes, we are unique in history for biological reasons, but history is full of families adopting, surrogate, concubinage, and other arrangements for couples who could not procreate or produce legitimate heirs. Growing up, my career, family, and life choices were not limited because I was born as a woman…why should the sex of my partner be an exception or a limitation in this?

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