Not For Sale!

I get it. You might be a programmer with a good reputation. Maybe you’re an independent artist. I know that I share my name with at least 61 other people stateside, and probably maybe many more worldwide.

For all you who share my name, this blog’s URL/domain is not for sale.

There are 61 others who share my name stateside, and perhaps many more globally.

I paid around USD$3000 for this “premium domain“. I am not about “promoting my brand name“; I am simply a transsexual man who just wanted to own this domain, as my name is already claimed on social media. I paid a lot to change my name (twice!), and thus equally as willing to pay the price to purchase the domain that reflects my name.

They say everyone has their price. Not me, not for this domain at least. Like the rest of my blog, it’s not about the hussle. I don’t plan to forgo leasing anytime soon, either—I paid for at least a decade out for this blog’s URL and others, so I don’t lose out on their leases.