DMCA Disclaimer Policy

I do what I can to abide by the safe harbor provisions of 17 U.S.C. §512, otherwise known as Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). Photos on this blog are either my own or from, and thus free to use. All other material I quote, display, reference, or link to constitutes fair use as my blog is non-commercial.

My DMCA Copyright Infringement Notification

To contact me about a potential copyright infringement, I need a written explanation that includes at least the following:

  1. A physical or electronic signature by the owner, or legal representative, of the allegedly infringement.
  2. Identification of the alleged infringements. Please note what those works are by email.
  3. Reasonably sufficient information that permits me to locate the material. Providing URLs is the best way to help me locate content quickly.
  4. Contact information permit me to reply back, like an address, telephone number, and, preferably, an email address. Providing a return email address in the body will help me reply quickly.
  5. A reason explaining why there’s a good faith belief that using the material in the manner complained of is not fair use, nor authorized by the copyright owner, their representative, or the law.
  6. A statement that the information is accurate, and if you’re a representative of the owner, you are authorized to contact and settle on their behalf. (Under Section 512(f) of the DCMA, if you knowingly and materially lie about me infringing upon your work, you may be subject to liability for damages.) In other words, DON’T MAKE FALSE CLAIMS!

So I can quickly reply to you, please go to my contact page.

General Copyright Statement (aka the TL;DR):

Anything posted is due to the “fair use” doctrine of copyright law for non-commercial purposes, for me to express my opinion; I don’t profit from this blog. However, if you can explain why material should be removed, I will comply with all takedown requests.