How to Contact Me

Thanks to endless spam, I refuse to accept email from a comment form anymore.
Because social media is much more prevalent and allows for verified accounts, contact me through there instead.

I will no longer provide a comment form for others to contact me. Spam is crazy these days, and because CAPTCHAs require a Google or other account for me to utilize (rather than host and run myself), I’m out of luck.

I work full-time, so I will not immediately reply to anyone. I may answer things of informative natures, so long as they aren’t personal, invasive, or anything else I may refuse to answer. I may correspond to something you don’t wish to comment publicly. Any and all forms of contact are subject to publication.

Anything disparaging, derogatory, dehumanizing, or even at my own whim, I will delete or publicly mock, and blacklist you. Anything containing certain terms, remarks, that platforms consider spam or are from spambots—including other factors that I haven’t covered here—will be blocked and ignored.

I do not accept emails anymore, to block malware, trackers, and spam from reaching my inbox. If you think you need to submit me something (because you think I violated DCMA or something else), find me elsewhere online and include a link (must be the direct link and entire URL, no short links!) as a private message instead, because I will delete anything with attachments.

Created February 15, 2022. Updated February 20, 2023, to express that I’m no longer accepting emails from this blog, and that you can only contact me via social media.