The Weight With Being Trans

Since my last weight loss report … I’ve plateaued at around 160-165 lbs (72.6-74.8 kg) for the last 3 months. As of this week, I finally broke that plateau (hopefully!).

I broke my plateau, now weighing 157.8 lbs (71.6 kg).

I have shifted my macros; having fed myself for several weeks on end on a high-fat diet, I have reduced my dietary fat intake and increased my protein intake. The theory is my body will utilize stored body fat more easily to get any extra energy it needs, especially during my fasting windows. I have incorporated less intermittent fast (anywhere from 18:6 to 20:4 when I use it on my work days, while off days I am more flexible, to keep my body guessing).

I am still working hard to reach my goal weight of 125-130 lbs (56.7-59 kg). In terms of short-term goals, I’m reaching 150 lbs (68 kg) and maintain that for a couple of weeks. At 140 lbs (63.5 kg), I will be adding resistance training, via calisthenics, to recompose my body and add muscle to boost my metabolism—as I am sure by that time I will have lost so much weight that my metabolism will have slowed significantly. Not so much resistance training to bulk and look like Aydian Dowling; but build enough to become lean(er?), help further fat loss, recompose my body, and round out my fitness plan and goals.

At some point, well south of 140 lbs (63.5 kg), I’ll add starches back into my diet, but not the white and refined grains typical of Western foods—more like healthy tubers, traditionally-made breads from spelt or Bible grains, and higher-protein cereals like amaranth and certain rices.

I am no longer punishing my body for being overweight. I journeyed long and hard to at least masculinize my body to heal a mind-body disconnect that I”ve suffered for my entire life. I’m not losing weight to get healthy; I’m trying to eat healthy to lose weight. Most of the battle is in the kitchen, not with workouts. Starving, as opposed to binge-eating, just punishes my body without resolving anything. Workouts are not punishment, but commitments to something better.

I am buying compression muscle shirts on the idea that the pressure it puts on my stomach will keep me aware of portion control, keep me looking a bit slimmer, and keep loosening skin under control.

I have also bought compression shirts to aid in my weight loss. My skin is getting loose as I lose weight, so something tight will help keep it under control (not an endorsement). The pressure on my torso will help me keep aware of when and what I am eating, with the pressure on my stomach hopefully helps endure satiety. I don’t have “man boobs” thank god, and my flabby upper arms are easily concealed with any tee or other shirt I am wearing. My hips are beginning to stick out again (often a contentious issue with trans men), but I see plenty of cis male athletes with an X build, so knowing that helps minimize or erases any dysphoria from rearing its ugly head.

If I can’t really dip below 140 lbs (63.5 kg), I will still be content. It will be far from the obesity issues I’ve dealt with for my entire life.

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