Last month, I forget for whatever reason, I was catching up on episodes on SciShow and decided to get curious about some of the hosts. There was always the one “punk-ish” looking host, Michael Aranda, that I especially enjoyed, because here was a smart kid, who didn’t look nerdy at all, who was big about being a science communicator.

Well, he also runs a variety of his own online stuff. And one video in particular, got me back onto my weight loss wagon…again.

I’d love to leave comments on his videos, especially when he asks viewers to leave something,
but I don’t have a Google account to do so.

At my heaviest, I weighed a whopping 270 pounds, partly due to pregnancy, partly due to the fact I’ve always been overweight. Oddly, before that, I weighed my least at 161 pounds. Yes, in the span of one pregnancy, I gained 120 pounds, only to have lost 30 immediately after giving birth.

In those last 13 years, I’ve dropped another 70 pounds, yo-yoing around 180-200 pounds. The past year I’ve slowly lost a few more pounds, but at the beginning of this month I fell off the weight-loss wagon again.

Vegan. Paleo. Keto. Low-carb. Intermittent-fasting. All of them militant, all of them brought some rapid weight loss, but all of them I fell off. Working with candy doesn’t help. All of them left me feeling deprived.

Getting on the scale earlier this week, I thought I gained some weight back. Instead, I lost 2.5 pounds over the course of those three weeks. At my lowest weight in 14 years, my scale displayed 165.5 pounds.

I use the Health Mate app to sync my scale with my iPhone and Watch. (No affiliation links.)

And here is how I compare between where I was at September’s end with how I look now, about twenty pounds difference. Normally I don’t go shirtless, but I’m hoping maybe next summer I can when I go hiking again.

At 5’3”, I am not a big trans guy. My calories needs, whether at my current weight or my goal weight, will be far less than those cis (non-trans) guys who are like 5’10” or taller, whether bulked or chonky, who can get away with eating 2500 kcal daily. Where they can get away with a Big Mac, a large fry, and large soda pop, it’s better for me to make due with a kid’s burger and kid fry. Am I ashamed? No—through portion control, I could have a kid’s burger with Big Mac sauce, that kid fry, and a small diet soda pop, while enjoying fast food on occasion. One slice of small pizza, instead of two large. Eat at a sit-down establishment, have a small portion on an appy plate, put the rest of my order in a to-go container, and enjoy myself without filling guilty. Order the 6” veggie or BLT sub with mustard (sans mayo), instead of a foot-long chicken marinara loaded with sauces (or order the foot-long veggie and save the other half for leftovers the next day).

My biggest hurtle to all this is eating due to boredom, as a result of emotional eating. Do I have a disorder?

Here is the game plan that I have been doing, that’s helped me lose the weight, and that should be able to keep it off. 1500 kcal per day, between 2-3 meals within 6-8 hours (time-restricted eating, as opposed to intermittent fasting); a combination of frozen meals, ordering out from what I know the kcal count is, sometimes forgoing meals for a few “healthy” vending machine options, getting those damn vegetables in, and having a small serving of candy daily will allow me variety and satiety, and cease deprivation and cravings. Portion control, and not whatever-free version of stuff. (I’ve had pumpkin pie made with Splenda—ick!)

During my work days, as my job is physically demanding most shifts, I’m not worried about getting in exercise. My days off, I usually walk around 30-45 minutes on the treadmill, and I’m slowly increasing that to an hour, on an incline, close to 2.5 mph; I have no desire to jog or run, just power walk. Once I get under 150 pounds, I’ll start adding strength training and muscle building workouts—since it’s hard to focus on both weight loss and body recomposition simultaneously, I’m focusing on total weight loss first, then reducing my body fat percentage.

My legs at this point are mostly muscle—that excess weight is in my stomach and arms. Spot reduction is a myth.

My goals right now are general weight loss, overall fitness improvement, general body recomposition, general diet improvement. Get my weight down to 125-130 pounds by May 1 of next year—six months to lose 40 pounds is doable, reasonable, allows for flexibility. Because I don’t eat much during the holidays, the holiday 15 is not a concern.

I will be documenting my weight loss on my Twitter and Instagram…no, I’m not starting a different blog or social media account just to document my “weight loss journey”, nor will I post a thousand entries on it.

Between weight loss and picking up new hobbies, I finally have a life on my days off. 😇

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