For other blog posts detailing how I legally changed my name, see my journey here.

Asking whether you like your photo or not without your glasses…bad idea. It looks like my mug shot. 😂

Lines at any Jersey DMC/MVC indeed suck, and I thought getting to the closest one marked for licenses wouldn’t be like that. Boy, was I wrong. Getting there at 6:30am this morning would have a few people ahead of me…nah, more like literally over 100.

It would get hot. I’d get burned, and would joke all morning about free tans. I brought two spare batteries to keep my phone running to keep myself entertained.

And, like any doctor’s office, that first line…gives you a ticket to get into a second, smaller line.

After six grueling hours in line, weeks after the final judgement granted, and correcting a mistake I made five years ago, I got the new license. Only…I’ll have to go to another location to update my car registration and title. That’ll wait another day. I’m waiting for Social Security to update their records, and they got my only certified copy of the name change degree. It was either wait till my next day off next week for my car, or wait for something that connects my name and records to everything else in my life—I chose that latter.

I can wait to burn myself in the sun another day.

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