Well … with a much better job, means I can finally make some major upgrades in my life. Including a car I long wanted.

This was the first time in my life I have shopped for a car, rather than buy a hand-me-down, or without family there to make sure the dealer didn’t pull a fast one.

I traded in my 2014 Ford Fiesta SE for a 2014 Fiat 500. Why the same model year? Because the 2017 I wanted to get was taking forever to get in, and this one was available for purchasing. (The only thing I really liked with the newer model was the ability to use Apple CarPlay. My baby can still music from my iPhone.) It’s nice it’s a 2014, because that was the year I finally embraced being trans. And that’s she’s a brown exterior with a tan and brown interior, like my late Oma’s Honda Accord SE-i, which we often drove to visit Disney World in.

While it’s more expensive than much of the competition, Carvana gives you what you’ll pay upfront (they will not haggle), the price of sales tax and registration/title fees, if you pay for gap coverage and extended warranty, potential delivery fee if driven from across the county, etc. No dealership fees. No cleaning and detailing fees. Everything dealerships try to nickel and dime you for, it’s all included in that upfront cost. Plus, you can go to their “vending machines” or they can deliver it to your residence. (Carvana did not sponsor me to write this post. I used it because last experience I had at a dealership left a permanent bad taste in my mouth, and I have friends who have used the service to much better fanfare. Oh…and they work with people with shitty credit, like me.)

I have until Friday to send her back, with no questions asked. So far … 😍😍😍

I’ve already had my new beau for a few days now. I was supposed to get her last Thursday, but the delivery truck was having issues. A very impatient two days.

I won’t be able to joyride her until later today, two days after delivery, because of my weird 2-day, 2-night, 4-off schedule. (There’s loads of OT available this week I could sign up for, but I value my off time, and I want to finally take a some road trips I’ve been putting off because my Fiesta was too unreliable—would overheat in the summer because there was serious malfunctioning with the radiator, battery would go dead in the winter, transmission despite some fixes kept going wacky. The amount I kept putting into her to fix … I finally decided it was time just to put down for a new car.

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