I already have men hitting on me, as I identify as gay. (I make my trans status known.) So glad to know dating is possible again, and that I am just going to end up as someone’s fetish!

Online dating isn’t in the picture now. None of that Grindr or desperate online hookup culture. I need to hit the bars, clubs, and gay scene off-line first. I Haven’t been an part of it since falling off the radar well over a year or so ago. I don’t know if I want something serious and long-term, or just something more casual and short term, so I can remain flexible with college and career.

College and career come first. Love comes second. I won’t compromise my plans because of another man. I don’t plan on settling, either. I’m not going to play a Justin and Brian before they realize their compromises for one another compromised their whole relationship. I am focused on getting ahead and not letting a relationship detail my goals and dreams again. Ever. 

It’s Bear Night in two weeks, and TG/CD in another month. Can’t wait to go.

My social life is improving, now that I have a job and an income once again. It is good to be alive once more. 😊

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