I know it’s a double standard that boys’ names for girls is popular, but girls names for boys is considered emasculinating.

Even traditionally masculine names are now being given to girls, like Michael. While in this case I know the director said it would be “cool”, I think it reinforces the idea that the masculine is “empowering”, while the feminine is not.

And then you have names that we now consider feminine but were once masculine (like Ashley, Adrian, and Casey).

You would think my name is one of those seriously and traditionally masculine names, but turns out the name “Charles” has a history of being unisex itself (at least in the United States) until a few decades ago:

Not that I would see myself de-transition. I fought long and hard for this name, a name I always wanted to be called, because I always felt like I should have been male. My name change reflects that despite a sex change, I am still me—my body changed, not my sense of self. I won’t change that for the world.

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