I was hoping this move led to something permanent.

I think seasonal and part-time positions should be banned, or at least severely limited. Companies should be only hiring for full-time, permanent positions—sure, I can understand daytime, evening, overnight shifts, but all positions should be BOTH permanent and full-time. None of this ”scaling”, hiring third-party contractors, seasonal or part-time stuff. Even for something ”basic” like retail. During slow or down times, have workers do cleaning, fixing, other secondary work, or create a surplus for those busier times of year, which balances out during those hectic times of year when demand increases.

People need to make a living. We need benefits. We have bills to pay. No employer wants to play second-fiddle to another because someone has to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, because the only jobs they can score turns out to only be part-time, especially in poorer or more rural areas. The idea that keeping people on their toes, always working as if they may be laid off at some point promotes incentive is wrong—yes, while there will always be some kind of freeloading, but it’s been shown time and again that if people know they have something secure and permanent, that alone provides incentive and promotes good work ethic, promotes industrialization.

I really hate that us good workers are so easily disposable anymore, and that it’s nepotism, cronyism, and the ass-kissers that get ahead, whether it’s moving from part-time/seasonal to full-time/permanent, get a promotion, or gets even a raise, while most of us who are hard-workers, just do our jobs, we get left behind, we don’t get those pay raises, we don’t get promotions. When we do finally speak up, were ”rebel rousers” and “no longer good fits” And people wonder why we’re in a ”great resignation”. Because we are tired of the bullshit modern workplaces has become!

I won’t regret working this seasonal job with DFTBA. I just wish it led to a permanent position, or that they kept me through January (like the original plan was supposed to be), so I had enough time to secure permanent employment. I kept hearing about all this growth, all this expansion … but I’m being let go by month’s end.

I am not asking for much—just a job I would like to continue coming to most days, have a workplace where I get along with everyone, somewhere that constantly encourages me to do my best, and one job that can provide me with enough income to cover the rent, utilities, car stuff, other bills, and a bit leftover for savings, retirement, and a little discretionary spending.

One hell of a Christmas present. I wouldn’t change coming out west again for the world, because it finally closes that “what if” from when I used to live out next door in Richland, WA. The only bit I’d change be applying for something goddamn permanent.

Let’s see how this next chapter works out.

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