• Charles wrote a new post, Passport 3 weeks ago

    Two days ago I couldn’t reissue my passport after getting my renewed diploma and car title because the goddamn county clerk wasn’t taking appointments, “because of COVID”. (Numbers have been dropping a lot over […]

  • It took me fourteen years to get a general liberal arts, associates degree.

    It took me three years to get it reissued with my name.

    To see my name as Charles Nicholas Copley on something so important adds […]

  • Latino, Latina, LatinxWords spewed around for kicksAlready hard to live when you’re a mixYour identity, the subject of politicsNow your language, challenged with conflictsFrom both progressive pricks and hardline […]

    • Depends on the circles one runs in. I know many Latinos from abroad; they think it’s white LGBTQ folks pushing an artificial construct upon them, and wish to still be called latino/latina. But I also know others who like and use the term latinx. It’s like with word “queer”; not everyone in the LGBTQ community uses, or even likes, it. Communities that have long never intermingled, we now have ideologies colliding. Who is right … maybe everybody, maybe nobody. It’s personal identity and group identity intersecting.

      Even the highly regarded Royal Spanish Academy—who is by no means the final authority on the Spanish language in most of Hispanophonic world, but its influence is highly respected—decries the use of latinx, but they are becoming more inclusive of more gender-neutral, inclusive terms like elle.

      Just like how I don’t care for cuckservatives still trying to call me “female” (being FtM), it wouldn’t be right to call someone latinx if they prefer to still be called latino/latina.

  • I’ve used both Android and iOS. I think both OSes have their pros, their cons, and fanbois who need to get a life.

    Via Apple

    I tried watching this year’s WWDC conference, and I got some thoughts:

    Yes, […]

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    I get it; YouTube is essentially a social media platform as much as a video-hosting platform. It’s essential for the livelihoods of “influencers” and “content creators”. Because video is not natively formatted […]

  • I’m not “color-blind”. I get it, that the color of our skin influences our lives.

    I mean, look at what’s happening with the Golden Globes.

    A fun story I love to tell: years ago, when I was still working […]

  • I joined Discord back in November, 2020. I am active in two servers, lurk in two others, and joined one to play Among Us with friends.

    I could be like many other bloggers, vloggers, streamers, and other […]

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    Are you posting video blogs on the daily? Especially with VEDA (Vlogging Every Day in April/August? Let us know! While many users will use YouTube, I encourage the use of whichever video service you choose; just make sure you are able to publish it here!

  • Remember when I spent almost $3,000 to get this blog’s current domain?

    I have gone by many names (preferred and legal) over the years, at great social, legal, and financial cost. Every time, I always a domain […]

  • My blog used to be hosted on, but I have since started hosting myself. If I paid $3k for a domain, why not self-host as well?

    Same address, same blog. Just choosing to run it myself.

    I have […]

  • As you might have guessed if you visited within the last several days, my domain has slightly changed. Instead of as or, it’s now (Don’t worry, my old […]

  • Charles wrote a new post, Hi, Speed! 7 months ago

    After my disaster with Android, I got back into iOS as cheaply as possible. Slowly during that time, I upgraded to the AirPods Pro and Apple Watch series 5, updated my iPad, and now finally switched up my iPhone […]

  • I’m trying to get back into gaming on my iPad. So far I’m a casual, if inconsistent, player. My current rotation includes Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows, The Pathless, and Slay the Spire, with weekly rounds of […]

  • I’ll admit—as much as four more years of Trump won’t affect me, I’ve been left in a bummer. I stayed up all night conversing about the election count, making friends along the way. There are hopes, there are fea […]

  • Everyone is always talking about their rights, whether their right to something, or their rights at stake. What about our civic duties and responsibilities?

    A buddy of mine, author of Trans and Caffeinated, […]

  • Dieter Bohn of the Verge makes an interesting point about replacing your laptop. (Mind you, this is before the release of iPadOS 13.4 and their cursor support.)

    Some people still say an iPad or Chromebook […]

  • I did it. I broke free from Google’s web monopoly.

    An iPad Air, paired with the Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard, upon the Logi Base. This is my computer station; I use my Smart Keyboard or iPad Cover and b […]

  • As much as I have raved about working with Samsung DeX, unfortunately my heart longed for the iOS ecosystem. As much as I love how customizable and useable Android is, well…it’s just hard to break out of and s […]

  • My tech setup for years was simple. I had an iPhone SE for my mobile connections, and an iPad for my more general computing needs. When IOS 13 came out as iPad OS, it made my iPad even more powerful and capable. […]

  • My name is Charles. That is my “preferred” name, one I’m in the process of legally changing it…again. (I’ll explain in a later post.) Go ahead, google my name and stalk me. I don’t care, I know the reality I […]