Seek the Geek!

Hey, you!

Yes, you, the one with that face. And those eyes. Reading this.

If you are blogging for other people you are going to be disappointed…even if no one would read it, I would still blog…this is a great chance for me to clear my thoughts and put them into the world, what an opportunity.

—Seth Godin

You think that if you read this little blurb that’s supposed to be about me, you’ll learn something about the owner of this blog. You hope I choose to divulge to the public that I was once a programming major, or that I prefer coffee black and strong.

My universal profile pic.

Guess what? You’re out of luck. I’m not going to tell you about how blogging, documentaries, and Discord rule my life. Or that I fanboy way too much over Apple’s ecosystem.

So, you can stop reading this right now, because you aren’t going to learn a single thing about me. So, there.

Yeah, I know, I’m really rather pathetic and nerdy. That’s okay; I’m fine with that. The basics, however, that you didn’t learn from that spiel up there is that…
—I go by masculine (he/him) pronouns. I have spent more time of my life (around 20+ years) identifying somehow as queer, one way or another, than as someone ”straight” or ”cis”.
—I go by and legally changed my name to Charles.
—I recently moved out west and finally found a safe space to live authentically and finally figure things out for myself.

You should read the above spiel if you didn’t understand I’m trans. If you did, then you need to revel in its glory.

And if you want to drop a message, go ahead. I promise I won’t give you a cyber-bite. 🥲