Master of My Domain

As you might have guessed if you visited within the last several days, my domain has slightly changed. Instead of as or, it’s now (Don’t worry, my old domains just forwards to the new.)

The money I put aside for renting…just went to purchasing this domain name. That’s an investment to me. I spent $3k…

I paid a lot for this name change. I wanted the domain, too, not just based on my nickname with my surname, but with my full proper name, to establish my “brand name”, my online identity (neither are endorsements). I couldn’t score just my name for mainstream social media accounts without using additional characters, but I’m fine with that; linking from this blog is good enough I also paid for a decade’s lease, so I could keep the domain and not risk losing it, having someone else register it. (Both domains I have registered for the next decade, the maximum allowed).

I have updated my blog title from Charlie|Blog to Charles|Blog to reflect that. I have nothing against being called “Charlie”, but to look more professional and mature socially and online, “Charles” looks better than “Charlie”.

I am finally master of my own domain.

Author: Charles Copley

I am a trans man (FtM) living in small-town, NJ. A phandroid, I've worked hard to sync all my devices together. I’m probably drinking way too much coffee, often with Irish cream. My Devils have left me in limbo about watching hockey anymore. I am agnostic and apatheistic—I don’t know what’s out there, I don’t care—but I love learning about other religions that differ from what I grew up around. My online presence doesn’t document my transition—they’re documenting my life (and thoughts) after having transitioned years ago. I missed the vlogging and life documentation craze of the 10s, due to depression and a hard life in my 20s, but now I’m playing catch up with what seems to be my upteenth time at starting a blog. It’s a hobby, not my source of income or passion, but that doesn’t mean I may try to profit in the future.

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