It’s About the Specs!!

My new glasses came in over the Thanksgiving Day weekend. I had the chutzpuh to go Walmart to pick them up—because for the love of country and loved ones, it wasn’t crowded!!! (Actually they were available since the 19th, but I kept missing the call, because I don’t answer unknown calls—but why no voicemail?!)

Not my local Walmart—there Vision Center never seems to be open anymore. Luckily, I ran into my former supervisor, and they recommended the new Walmart Supercenter that just opened up 20 minutes away.

I am happy to have my first new pairs in…over 2 years? (Partly blaming COVID-19, partly blaming my local Walmart Vision Center never being open, and partly because of my work history.) I’m usually good about getting new ones every 12-18 months, and the generic stuff I buy costed me less than paying for insurance to buy brand names. This Walmart didn’t seem to have their usual generic stuff, but I didn’t mind paying this time for slightly costlier daily frames. (Prescription safety goggles and sunglasses are luxuries I had no problem paying for to improve my overall quality of life.)

I buy basic black frames because they’re simple—I’m a guy who values function, value, and comfort over fashion. I also buy frames that don’t have nose pads, but instead a thick but comfortable saddle bridges (not an affiliate link) so I had once part to worry about breaking off and replace.

Sunglasses work even in the wintertime while driving facing the sun, or when going outside on slightly warmer days to hike or walk during my days off.

Safety goggles—work requires them. Regular glasses, safety shields, and a mask all on my nose make it hard to breathe. Work was willing to cover the cost upfront by going to this one guy, but I don’t like appointments, and because their style has the nose pads, and didn’t look like, well, safety goggles.

Glasses are not one of those things I’m willing to save money on by buying online. By law, I can visit any eye doctor and get a prescription to buy elsewhere else, but it’s not worth the hassle waiting for sample frames, try them on, mail back everything, then wait for the final pair(s).

This box came with my sunglasses, but they perfectly house my safety goggles, to keep in my locker when not at work.

And now I have plenty of microfiber rags to keep around, to keep the smudges and scratches at bay. 🥽🤓👓😎🕶

Author: Charles Copley

I am a trans man (FtM) living in small-town, NJ. A phandroid, I've worked hard to sync all my devices together. I’m probably drinking way too much coffee, often with Irish cream. My Devils have left me in limbo about watching hockey anymore. I am agnostic and apatheistic—I don’t know what’s out there, I don’t care—but I love learning about other religions that differ from what I grew up around. My online presence doesn’t document my transition—they’re documenting my life (and thoughts) after having transitioned years ago. I missed the vlogging and life documentation craze of the 10s, due to depression and a hard life in my 20s, but now I’m playing catch up with what seems to be my upteenth time at starting a blog. It’s a hobby, not my source of income or passion, but that doesn’t mean I may try to profit in the future.

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