My name change continues.

You can see my prior posts on legalizing my name change here and here.

Unlike two years ago, where I lost the ability to change my name legally due to an ability to afford it or meet the deadlines, this time my name change is legit.

Three weeks from today, my preferred name Charles will be legal to use.

My first document with my name is several years old, from my first attempt to legalize my name as Charles. Formally I’ll be Charles, but entitles me to the chill nickname as “Charlie”.

I received two certified copies declaring my name change finalized, and sent one to the state treasury, along with the state department in charge of birth certificates. Starting the day my name change legally takes effect, I’m hoping my local DMV is open to wait in the long line to update my driving license…and if there’s enough time left, head to the local social security office to get my card updated, as well. (At least those vital records, and wait for a new card in the mail.) After that’s all done…yes, for a US citizen, I keep and maintain a current passport.

I’m glad I ordered two copies of the name change decree, because one state department didn’t return their copy. If we all have a social security number that remains with us, why all this hubbub to legalize a name change?

Then the fun begins with all the other organizations in my life where I need to update my name change. Banking, car registration and insurance, re-register to vote, health insurance, updating the IRS, my living will, letting my LGBT clinic my “preferred name”/alias is now legal, my landlord, any legal documents including me.

The fun part, anticipating it, has ended. The real world work of updating everything begins.

Here’s an important tip while you’re waiting, or if you can’t afford a name change. Update that which doesn’t need legal documentation to reflect your name—your phone and other devices, social media, etc.

Use Google Pay or Apple Pay to pay for things, cash everywhere else, so you’re not pulling out a credit card that doesn’t bear your name; better yet, if you’re due for an upgrade, get a Samsung Galaxy S phone, as you can use it to pay anywhere that has a credit card swiped to pay. It uses extra technology than what Apple Pay or Google Pay solely uses, so you can pay at almost any store. (Yes, as an Apple user, I’m recommending a Samsung device. Desperate times call for desperate measures.)

Author: Charles Copley

I am a trans man (FtM) living in small-town, NJ. A phandroid, I've worked hard to sync all my devices together. I’m probably drinking way too much coffee, often with Irish cream. My Devils have left me in limbo about watching hockey anymore. I am agnostic and apatheistic—I don’t know what’s out there, I don’t care—but I love learning about other religions that differ from what I grew up around. My online presence doesn’t document my transition—they’re documenting my life (and thoughts) after having transitioned years ago. I missed the vlogging and life documentation craze of the 10s, due to depression and a hard life in my 20s, but now I’m playing catch up with what seems to be my upteenth time at starting a blog. It’s a hobby, not my source of income or passion, but that doesn’t mean I may try to profit in the future.

2 thoughts

  1. YAY! Trust me, you will feel so relieved when it’s official. I am still in the process of updating stuff though. I have most of it done, but I know there is still A LOT more to accomplish. I have decided to take the “change as I go” approach so I don’t feel overwhelmed. I just made sure to take care of the more important and commonly used items first. It is always a pleasure to meet you, Charles! I look forward to more of your posts.

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    1. This ain’t my first legal name change. I’ve been there. I’m just glad to finally correct this “mistake” just to please someone who now denies the anger at wanting me to simply masculinize my name, for personal reasons.


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