Name change update.

Since last writing about my name change:

  • The date has been postponed by 2 days, from June 9th, to June 11th.
  • The state has been notified.
  • Notice of the name change has been published.
  • The judge has everything now to hold the hearing.
  • As per state law, the hearing will be held remotely over videochat (PDF).

I’m not fond of having to sign up for a new service just to use once. By then, I’ll have disposed of that temporary email address.

Now…three weeks to pass the time by.

Author: Charles Copley

I am a trans man (FtM) living in small-town, NJ. A phandroid, I've worked hard to sync all my devices together. I’m probably drinking way too much coffee, often with Irish cream. My Devils have left me in limbo about watching hockey anymore. I am agnostic and apatheistic—I don’t know what’s out there, I don’t care—but I love learning about other religions that differ from what I grew up around. My online presence doesn’t document my transition—they’re documenting my life (and thoughts) after having transitioned years ago. I missed the vlogging and life documentation craze of the 10s, due to depression and a hard life in my 20s, but now I’m playing catch up with what seems to be my upteenth time at starting a blog. It’s a hobby, not my source of income or passion, but that doesn’t mean I may try to profit in the future.

3 thoughts

  1. Every state is different. Here, don’t have to appear in court, but there are a lot of documents that I need to submit and wait for. So, totally know how you feel. My new name is legal. I am presently waiting for the document to send to Social Security to update my SS card! Then the real headache begins.

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    1. My state DMV isn’t opening up appointments for things like legal name changes, so that may take awhile, especially as they keep extending the date when they’ll reopen, given we’re a major COVID hotspot. (Well, only part of the state is badly hit; the rest of us are wondering why our local chapter can’t open or at least take appointments while strictly following mask and social distancing guidelines.) Luckily I’ll be able to update other documents, like banking and auto documents, as I just need to email or fax the official declaration from the judge. If and when I can go to the SS place to update my card, that they erase my prior names.

      The whole point of a number is so we could go by any alias, but still have at least the one piece of identity. Wasn’t until very recent historically that the government and other bodies needed to be hardcore on our legal vs alias names. It’s ridiculous.


    2. I wanted to do the bank, but they recommended doing SS first. So, I am waiting for SS card to return then I can update everything else. I am really hoping that it comes before the end of the month. If I can get everything changed before August (when school starts), it will definitely ease my mind.


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